Bravo Shows

Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

Not too long ago I visited to see how hard it would be for me to get Bravo at my house. I kept hearing about all these amazing shows on the network and though I am really far behind the curve I’m just realizing what a great channel it is! There’s a show on there called It’s a Brad, Brad World which absolutely cracks me up because it’s about the fashion industry and this guy who is totally hilarious. It also has something to do with that show that has Rachel Zoe but at the end of the day I care a lot more about the housewives than I do about fashion. I know a guy watching those women bicker and scream at each other just absolutely makes my day‚Ķ I think because I don’t have any people in my life were that crazy. I would be so embarrassed if anyone found out all my favorite shows were on Bravo but at the end of the day no one ever has to know but me.

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