Two Software Related Questions You Need to Ask When Shopping for Cheap Laptops

There are at least two software related questions you need to ask, when shopping for cheap laptop computers.

The first of those would be the question as to whether the cheap laptops will be coming pre-loaded with software. To the extent that they come with no software (not even an operating system), you know that they may not turn out to be cheap laptops at all when the cost of software is factored in. There are, of course, some vendors who will try to convince you that you can quite easily make up for the lack of ‘free’ preloaded software through the freely-available ‘free open source software suites.’ But there are some of us for whom ‘free open source software’ has never clicked. And even for those who may not have no problem with such open source software, there may be installation costs to be considered, because the non-technical users may not have the know-how to install the software, especially things like operating systems. Ultimately, it helps you pose the question as to whether the cheap laptops you will be getting will come preloaded with software.

The second software related question you need to ask when shopping for cheap laptops would be with regard to what software applications the machines can comfortably run. You come to realize that some of the cheap laptops may not have enough computing power to run some applications. You may be looking at machines with low processor speeds or low RAMs, which can’t run programs that need higher levels of computing power. Or you may be looking at machines with hard disks so small that they can’t store the bulkier programs. The only way to have such programs in such cases would be through the use of supplementary space acquired via gadgets like external hard drive disks. All the same, it helps to pose the question as to what programs the cheap laptops can store and run, given their computing power and other specifications.

Effects of using Spam plugins

WordPress allows developers to develop their own type of anti-spam plugins. There are different of anti-spam plugins. There are types that asks you to enter logical questions such as is fire hot ? Their are some that wants you to compute a simple mathematical questions such  as 2 + 2. Then their are some that wants you to write a word as you see it. This plugins helps to prevent spam. When I installed anti-spam plugins I didn’t get any spam, but I don’t know if I did drive away potential commenters.

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8 Reasons Why I would Comment on Your Blog

This is the second in series about commenting. I want to give reasons why I would comment on your blog.

1.Be known

Commenting on other blog increases has increased my popularity i.e most comments on this blog is due to people returning my comments on their blog.

2. Ask a question

When I want to clarify something I don’t understand in a post, I would leave a comment and subscribe to receive comments in my email.

3. Among a top commenter

I like to comment on blogs that show list of top commenters. This is because I get free backlink for the period I am among the list of the top commenters.

4. Shown some love

Some wordpress blogs (including mine) has installed Comment luv plugin. What I do is, I try to write an eye catching title. Then I comment on blogs with the plugin installed. The comment plugin would show my title and attractive another reader to click on the title. Digital Product review has a list of comment luv blogs

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Don’t Listen to Them, You can Blog that Niche

Patrick wanted to start a blog in a niche. Since he was a newbie, he decided to email an A-list blogger in that niche to seek her opinion about starting that niche blog. The A-list blogger told Patrick, “that niche is crowded, he should find another niche to blog about”.

The niche I am particularly referring to is the make money niche. This blog is a tech blog with blogging tips, but I read make money niche blogs. Some bloggers in the make money niche complain that the niche is crowded. They say that the possibility of you making money is slim. Everybody blog about the same topic. Everyone has the same affiliate marketer i.e almost all make money blogs have either neverblueads, rocketprofit, performancing ads, market leverage or pepperjam network. They advice newbies to stay clear of the make money niche. Well, I think they just want to have all the money for themselves. I am saying because I have done a little research with google using submit keyword tracker and google insight.

On the keyword tracker, I used the keyword “make money” and this is the result

From this you can see that there are make money has 627 daily search and google will give higher priority to already established blogs. This sounds discouraging right? You don’t have to be. After searching for the keyword, you use google insight to search for the keyword “make money”. This is the result

This shows that almost 100% of the google search from Nigeria is related to make money while 31% is from United States. Other countries have less search results. This means that the people in other countries don’t know anything making money online. Your goal is to make them aware of the online opportunities.

if you are in Patrick’s shoes, what will you do? Will you still do the make money online niche?

Problogger is doing a competition about killer titles. He wants you to write and submit the title of your new post. Read more about Killer title


10 Reasons Why I would Not Comment on your Post

One way of getting traffic to your site is by commenting on other people’s blog. By commenting, I mean that you should add relevant comment to the blog. If you add relevant comment on the blog, there is a possibility that at least the blog owner and someone else would click on your link to your blog. I endeavor to comment on blogs that I read, but I don’t comment on some of them. The reason I don’t comment on your blog include

1. Familiarity Issues

I cannot comment on a post that I have a little knowledge about. I blog about tech news, tricks and tips with blogging tips. Any topic not related to this topic is difficult for me to comment. For instance, I cannot comment on a poem post.

2. Registration is required

I find new blogs every day. As I am reading if I see registration is required to comment, I don’t hesitate to leave your blog. I feel registration is good for private post. This goes to some BlogSpot bloggers. They require you to have a Gmail account to comment on their blog.

3. Different Language

I cannot comment because I don’t understand what you wrote.

4. A Google ADS Post

This is not common. I once saw a first post to be a Google adsense ad. Once I saw that, I said to myself, what does this person wants me to comment on. Does he want me to write “Nice Ad”??

5. Disabled Comment

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