Making the best out of Commenting

Commenting on other blogs was one way that I got visitors to this blog. From my other postĀ  8 Reasons Why I would Comment on Your Blog and 10 Reasons Why I would Not Comment on your Post, you can see that I love commenting on other blogs. The trick with commenting is that you should leave meaningful comments on the blog to get traffic to your site. You can either ask a question or add to the post by including what the author left out in the post through commenting. Continue reading “Making the best out of Commenting”

The Value Of Comments On Your Blog

Comments areĀ  criticism, observation or remark made pertaining to your blog posts. If you are an experienced blogger or a new blogger, your blog posts’ comments has an effect on you. The value of comments on your blog can be measured in three ways; positive, negative, and neutral.

The Positive Values

1. Comments should enlighten the blogger i.e. to provide factual errors perpetrated by the blogger: You cannot know every fact about something, but you can learn from your mistake.

2. Comments should be used to add additional information to enhance the value of a post: We learn something new everyday. So adding other information that were left out broaden not only the blogger but other readers horizon.

3. Comments should offer another point of view: There are many ways to kill a mocking bird. The way described in the post was was may be time or energy consuming. Try the commenter way.

4. Comments can be motivational: For a new blogger, comments show that there are people reading his blog.

The Negative Values

1. Comments are Spammy: The comments has relevance to the post.

2. Comments are abusive: The commenter doesn’t respect the blogger or other readers.

3. Comments are redundant: The commenter doesn’t read other comments to find out the same comment has been posted before.

4. Comments are void of thinking i.e. the commenter is making a parody of the post or of another comment.

Neutral Value

1. Commenting saying words like Nice post or other exclamation

2. Comments addressed to other commenters.