Firefox is bestowed with download record by Guinness

Guinness World Records recognized Firefox as the most download browser on a day. This was Mozilla’s goal to have the most download browser on a day. Guinness World Records has credited Mozilla for officially setting a record for downloads in a 24-hour period: 8,002,530 copies of Firefox. As of June 2008, Net Applications, which base on statistics on actual usage at various major search engines gave Firefox 3 2.31 percent market share for the entire month of June, compared with 4.28 percent for Safari 3.1, 16.13 percent for Firefox 2, 26.38 percent for Internet Explorer 6, and 46.45 percent for No. 1 IE 7. Firefox deserve to have higher market share. The competition between browsers is pretty much intense. For instance, Flock, a self proclaimed social browser just released Flock 2. Flock 2 has all the new improvement of Firefox 3. I believe Firefox 3 market share would rise because Firefox 3 was releases in the middle of June. June 1- 16 was not accounted for. To enhance your Firefox 3 experience, there are add ons you can install. The add ons can be located here.


Pledge and Download Firefox 3

The Firefox team is trying to set up a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours with the introduction of the Firefox 3 browser. It is an improved version of the firefox 2 browser. The Firefox team wants the world to be spread out by
* Get the word out; tell your friends, your neighbors, your grandma, anyone and everyone to participate in Download Day.

* Host a party to download Firefox; you provide the people and we’ll provide the party favors.

* Put a Download Day badge on your blog, profile or website.

I will help to spread the word out by putting a download day badge on this blog

The download day is not yet fixed but it would be in this June. The link of the Firefox image is for everyone to make a pledge that she would download Firefox browser on the day it is released. At the time of this posting, 580,195 pledges have been made. I just made my pledge making me the 580,196th person to make a pledge (not sure about this)

Firefox decided not to leave anyone behind. Firefox 3 can be downloaded in 45 languages with download links for windows, mac and linux users.

Why should you install Firefox 3? It is because

1. The browser has malware protection which warns users of harmful sites.

2. It shows a clearer and stricter error pages when Firefox encounters an invalid SSl certificate.

3. There is an integration of anti-virus software. The anti-virussoftware would check for virus on executable programs ie programs that ends in .exe files.

You can get more about the new features at What’s is new in Firefox 3