Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome Beta

I have been using Google’s Chrome Beta since it was released. It is has few differences when compared with Mozilla Firefox. These are my comparism

1. Transaction from IE:

Firefox: It is easier to move from IE to Firefox because Firefox has some features of IE such as Menu Bar. It is the same as IE. It has the File, Edit, View, Help menu.

Chrome: It is totally different. Google wants to erase Microsoft footprint. I don’t like as Chrome doesn’t have the Status bar. I want to know if the page is loading or not. I don’t want to wait for 5 mins thinking the page is loading, but it is not.

2. Tabs Crashing

Firefox: If a tab crashes on Firefox, every other tab crashes.

Chrome: Each tab has a different process. Open your Task manager and click on the Process Tab. You will see that all Chrome’s tab have different processes. If a tab crashes, the other tab doesn’t crash.

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Google’s Chrome Browser in Beta Stage

Google released their bowser, Chrome, to the public today. The browser is in its beta stages, so there would be room for improvement. I decided to test the browser to see its potential. I downloaded the browser from the Chrome’s site. Right now, the browser runs on windows XP and Vista only (I am sure Google would update the browser to run on Mac OS). Google boasts that the browser is the fastest browser with Javascript. Google offered a site to test the speed of browser when running Javascript.

I compared the overall Javascript Speed for Chrome and other browsers. This is the result

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Clear Your Firefox History With Stealther Addon

Most sites usually have cookies embedded in the site. So when you visit the site, a cookie is injected into your browser. This cookie enables the site’s administrator to know his site statistics. Also, cookies enable you to browse the net faster. By this, I mean that if you type in some letters of a website in your address link, you will see some websites URL that fits to the letters you have type. You can use the up and down arrow or the scroll bar to select the site you want. Having cookies on your browser could be bad because it stores your information like your IP, your name, your address etc.

Clearing Your Browser History

To manually clear your history, press Ctrl + H , select the day(s) you want to clear. Left click on the day(s) (this open the link on the same window) and press delete on the keyboard. Or instead of left clicking on the link, right click on the day(s) and select the delete option.

Instead of going through this little pain, just down the Firefox Stealther addon. The Stealther addon allows you to surf the web withour leaving a trace on your pc. The Stealth addon does this

– Browsing History (also in Address bar)
– Cookies
– Downloaded Files History
– Disk Cache
– Saved Form Information
– Sending of ReferrerHeader
– Recently Closed Tabs list

From the addon review, there are some complaint about the stealth addon. The complaints include like the stealth addon doesn’t delete all the history. Some complaints are that the addon delete every history from the browser. i.e the history you have when you turn off the stealth addon. The reviews are here. Download stealth addon


Protect Your PC with NoScript

The NoScript is an addon on Firefox Browser. Script are small programs that can be written in varieties of computer languages. NoScript allows active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS (Cross site scripting).

This is screenshot

The NoScript addon is important because it doesn’t allow malicious programs to be installed when you visit a site. NoScript can prevent you from installing virus when you click on links from your email such as the Daily Top 10 spam and the – BREAKING NEWS

Download  NoScript Addon

Read more about how to use NoScript Features.


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