Protect Your PC with NoScript

The NoScript is an addon on Firefox Browser. Script are small programs that can be written in varieties of computer languages. NoScript allows active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS (Cross site scripting).

This is screenshot

The NoScript addon is important because it doesn’t allow malicious programs to be installed when you visit a site. NoScript can prevent you from installing virus when you click on links from your email such as the Daily Top 10 spam and the – BREAKING NEWS

Download  NoScript Addon

Read more about how to use NoScript Features.


Doing mcts as well as mcitp from testking gains you enough credit to prepare for 640-802 and 70-290 at a discount. – BREAKING NEWS

Another breaking news email spam again. This time it is from or protrayed to be from MSNBC. The title of the email is – BREAKING NEWS: Americans loves to sue people. This is the email that I received

Is this mail the mail of a copycat or from the original entity? Now which news media email is next, would it be BBC email?


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CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert

Their is another variation of the Daily Top 10 spam email. now, it is CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert. This one has only one link to a video site.

This is the mail that I received. As I said before in the CNN Daily Top 10 spam post, if you did not subscribe for something, don’t open the mail. Lick on the picture above, you will see that the sender has a different email from CNN and the destination link is not CNN, but to another site. This malware site tries to download a malware program masqueraded as adobe_flash.exe.

[ratings] Daily Top 10 spam

It came to my mind, why is CNN sending me their daily top 10. I never registered to receive any list. I would rather go to their site to view the list than receive the daily top 10 list as an email. Mxlab blog reported about this. I have gotten this list more than three times and they were in my gmail spam (Thanks Google for putting it in my spam box). This is a picture of the email.

The link above is the URL when the mouse pointer is placed on any number. This is the first clue that the email is a hoax. The second clue is that the sender email is

Why would CNN use that email address. CNN should use …… Mxlab blog reports that if you click on the link. It would take you to a video site. Then a pop up will come up and tell you to download the correct video codec, an executable called get_flash_update.exe, but this is in fact the Trojan-Downloader.Agent.EL. This trojan can download and installs other malware onto infected machine.