The NBA 2k11 Review

NBA 2k11 is the latest in the series of NBA games. Right now, it is considered as the best game in the series.

Michael Jordan is also featured in the game. With Michael Jordan being the main focus of the game especially after his retirement, if we look at the game one could say a lot of work has been done on it. The features and recreations of the game with Michael Jordan came out to be stunning. The game has been catered to actual recreations of historic games played by Jordan, with streamlined controls and NBA teams that play and make you feel real like.

As said that the game focuses on Jordan, the game starts off with Jordan in a Chicago stadium. And them the game begins. The game comes with different challenges played, if ten of them are completed then gamers are enticed towards the My player career mode.

Not only that the game developers have developed a press book gallery where one would find a complete series of pictures of NBA players, capturing of the best moments of their games along with animated pictures of players with tons of touches to pictures. These animated pictures have been catered to almost the exact replica of the actual players. However, even though some of the players did not turn out exactly to be the same but it showed that the developers worked very hard to look into each and every minute details of it.