Blocking Scripts from Websites

If you have read one of my previous post, Protect Your PC with NoScript,, I wrote about the benefits of using NoScript addon to protect your pc. I didn’t realize another benefit of the Noscript addon.

There are atimes, I would go to a site and the site would want you to do a survey from an affiliate program before you can read the content. The survey is shown to you as a pop up. The survey would require you to fill out your email, name and some other stuffs that would take more than 5 minutes of your time. Why should you be imposed to do a survey just because you want to read an article. Download, install and run the NoScript addon. The addon would stop the pop up because the pop up is a script that is instructed to come on your screen.

Not only for surveys, but the NoScript would also stop those annoying newsletter pop ups. I don’t why, but it seems using newsletter subscription pop ups is the latest thing in the blogsphere. Bloggers want to increase their RSS feed number, so they would make a pop up telling you to suscribe to their blog. Most of these pop ups have a close button which is good. But for the ones that have no close button, run the NoScript addon and get rid of it.

Update Privacy Policy For Adsense

If you are displaying adsense on your site, Google issued every publisher a statement by email to update their privacy policy. The deadline is today, April 8th. If you don’t do it, Google would disable your account.

If you are getting search engine traffic, the best way to monetize the site is by using adsense. To summarize it, Google wants you to tell your visitors that they are being tracked and they have a choice to opt out by visiting a webpage. Google said this would make the adsense to be more targeted. It would publishers to earn more and the advertisers to have better conversions.

If you have wordpress, you can download and install Privacy Policy Plugin For WordPress. For those that don’t have wordpress, you can copy my privacy plugin page, and copy what is there.

Case about Conficker Virus

There was a scare of the conficker worm on April 1st. The scare was that the worm has infected a lot of computers and is lying low. On the 1st of April, it would receive new instructions to do something. Nobody knew what it would, but it was believed to do something. The virus affects only Windows systems. Mac and Linux users are free. This is one reason why not to use Microsoft Windows (I am still using Vista).

At the time of this post, I haven’t heard of any computer affected by the conficker worm. They worm has been known to computer experts since November of 2008, because when I did a search on google for Symantec conficker virus remover, I was seeing a removal that was present since November 2008.

If you want to know if you are affected by the conficker virus, try going to, or If you cannot visit these sites, then you have a virus on your computer system. It doesn’t really have to be the conficker virus. It can be another virus.

To remove the Conficker worm, you can download and use Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). This is to remove malicious software from your pc.

For the technically savvy people, Microsoft has an article on Removing Conficker manually.

Microsoft has dedicated a page to the conficker virus at Computer worm.

Symantec has a page dedicated to the Conficker Worm.

I hope this virus was just an april fool’s joke.

The Effects of Digg Traffic On My Blog

The title of this post should include CNET News because I commented on CNET News website. CNET News sent me 823 visits on that day as digg. I can say digg traffic sucks. I thought there would be a better effect, but there wasn’t. I can categorize the effect of both digg and CNET into 2 effects. They are

1.  Ads

I got ZERO earning from adsense. Looking at my advance report on adsense, I checked the time frame between sept 3 -5 and I got almost 7,000 impressions. I cannot believe that no one thought or saw an ad to click on. I forgot, digg and CNET News views are tech or web savvy users. They can ads-blinded users. I also use kontera on this blog. Within the same time frame, sept 3 – 5, I got 1,700 impressions with 4 ads click. I cannot say if the clicks were intentional or not.
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How I gained more than 1000 visitors from Digg in 1 day

On sept 2, 2009, I was surprised that I gained more than 1000 visits from Digg. I was shocked because I did not submit any of my post to digg. The post that brought me this amount of traffic was Google’s Chrome Browser in Beta Stage (You can submit the post to digg to bring more traffic to me).

How did I get this amount of visitors ? This is what I did

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