Discontinued Cable

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

We got a notice in the mail that our current cable company is going to stop servicing our area. Apparently, another company is taking them over and we live too far out to be included in their services now. We talked to some neighbors to find out which cable companies they use, but unfortunately we all seem to be in the same boat. My husband was worried that we were going to have to pay a lot more for fewer channels when we switch. He decided to go to http://www.directstartv.com/ to find out which packages were available in our area. We were both pleasantly surprised at not only the prices, but also the numerous channels that were available. We are going to be able to have all of the channels we had with our old cable company, plus a lot more. We are going to have channels that I have never even heard of, but that sound really interesting. I was thinking that changing cable companies was going to be bad thing, but it looks like it might actually be a good thing.

New Preschool

My son just started at a new preschool. My daughter started kindergarten last week, and the preschool that they went to last year is in a different school district than the elementary school my daughter is going to. I decided that my son should go to a preschool in the same district as my daughter so they can have the same days off. She gets a week long break every six weeks, so hopefully we will be able to take a few mini vacations since they will have the same breaks. On my son’s first day, I was talking with some of the other parents about ways to save money. One parent said she had set up her energy bill at electric companies and it allowed her to have a fixed rated each month. I think this would be good for our family because we moved into a bigger home last year and the energy bill fluctuates a lot during the year, especially because my husband likes to crank up the air conditioner during the summer. I think I will talk to my husband about trying this to see if we like it.

Two Software Related Questions You Need to Ask When Shopping for Cheap Laptops

There are at least two software related questions you need to ask, when shopping for cheap laptop computers.

The first of those would be the question as to whether the cheap laptops will be coming pre-loaded with software. To the extent that they come with no software (not even an operating system), you know that they may not turn out to be cheap laptops at all when the cost of software is factored in. There are, of course, some vendors who will try to convince you that you can quite easily make up for the lack of ‘free’ preloaded software through the freely-available ‘free open source software suites.’ But there are some of us for whom ‘free open source software’ has never clicked. And even for those who may not have no problem with such open source software, there may be installation costs to be considered, because the non-technical users may not have the know-how to install the software, especially things like operating systems. Ultimately, it helps you pose the question as to whether the cheap laptops you will be getting will come preloaded with software.

The second software related question you need to ask when shopping for cheap laptops would be with regard to what software applications the machines can comfortably run. You come to realize that some of the cheap laptops may not have enough computing power to run some applications. You may be looking at machines with low processor speeds or low RAMs, which can’t run programs that need higher levels of computing power. Or you may be looking at machines with hard disks so small that they can’t store the bulkier programs. The only way to have such programs in such cases would be through the use of supplementary space acquired via gadgets like external hard drive disks. All the same, it helps to pose the question as to what programs the cheap laptops can store and run, given their computing power and other specifications.

Hubby’s Birthday

My husband?s birthday is coming up in September and for the longest time I had no idea what to get him which wasn?t that unusual. Anyway, my coworker suggested I go to direct tv hd satellites and check out the satellite packages they had. That actually turned out to be a wonderful idea since my hubby loves watching sports on TV and we never get the obscure game or match he wants to get. I?ve been working on getting it through so that I have it here by his birthday and I think I?m going to give it to him in tandem with a surprise birthday party! I?m going to have all his friends over and make a football themed party and I?m even going to try to get his brothers to come out from California. I love making Bill happy and it?s hard enough to do so with a gift so I think this year?s going to be the best yet when it comes to his gift. I hope it?s enough to make him happy but he?s really easy going!

Business Support Software Reviews: What to look for

The world of business is fast paced, hectic one where change is a common occurrence. Project management, employee scheduling and personal organizer software suites can be incredibly powerful tools in ensuring that you get maximum productivity from yourself and your employees. The problem is that there is hundreds of different software suites out there and there are reviews available on just about all of them. So what should you be looking for in employee scheduler software reviews? Best personal organizer reviews? A project management software review?

For all three types of software, you are looking for something that will be easy to use, with a clear graphics use interface that does not require a degree to operate. The application should be stable (no hanging, crashing or freezing), not take up all of your computers processing power and be affordable. Does it provide clear, legible printouts? Does the software “talk to” or work with you current operating systems and other programs such as Microsoft office? These are general questions that you should get the answers anyway.

Of course, there are some specifics for each type of software. For an employee scheduler review, see if the software can handle multiple shifts (at least 6, ideally 8) including split and swing shifts. Is it possible to duplicate schedules repeatedly? Can the software balance the hours worked by part time against full time employees? If it got a “yes” answer for every question, it sounds like a winner.

Personal organizers are a dime a dozen. The best personal organizer reviews will highlight which programs function as a notepad, a planner, organizer, reminder, and agenda and above all do two things well: Goal setting and task management. If the application does these two things well, you will be able to reduce stress as things become more organized as you list what needs doing each day, allowing you to manage your time effectively. Only you can judge if particular organizer software works, as it should for you.

Projects are what keep your business, in business. The best project management software has to be able to help you with task management by letting you assign and reassign task as required, monitor the progress towards project goals, establish feedback loops and monitor deadlines and progress (Gantt Charts and reporting functions), allow you to allocate resources as necessary

These are hundreds of versions of each tool floating around out there. Use the reviews to find the best of each to help streamline your business operations.