Using Data Storage Systems For Your Files

With the cost of hard drives rising in recent times due to the Taiwan floods, many are turning to data storage companies to store their files. After all, you should always prepare for the worst and if you have ever had to pay a professional to recover data from a hard drive, you’ll know how expensive it is. If you haven’t had the misfortune, the cost is upwards of £500/$800 in most cases. So, pay £500/$800 or lose all your precious family photos, your business invoices and related files. It’s like holding your data hostage. So, instead a data storage system is a good alternative, and is well worth considering.

So, what are the advantages of data storage systems? They’re reliable, they’re professional and your data is safer with them. They tend to use RAID arrays to ensure your data stays safe; a RAID array is a form of copying data. So, in essence they have multiple copies of your files, spanned across several hard drives to minimise the chance of a hard drive failure wiping out your files. RAID arrays tend to be difficult to set up if you’re new to it so this is a much simpler solution. And as I mentioned before; hard drives are expensive (at least as of writing this article – February 2012), so data storage systems can actually cost less than investing yourself in hard drives and backup hardware.

So, in conclusion, data storage systems are cheap, reliable, safe and a great way to store all your crucial data.

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