Ways in Which IT Departments Ensure That Their Members Skills are Up to Date

There are several ways in which IT departments ensure that their members’ skills are up to date. This becomes necessary against a background where new technologies are always coming up by the day. To ensure that they offer their employers’ the best services, the heads of the IT departments have to ensure that the members of the departments are up to speed with these developments. And some of the specific ways in which that is achieved include:

1. By sponsoring them (the IT department members) to attend essential courses. This is where, for instance, businesses that plan to start using cloud computing technologies may opt to send some of their IT department members for training in that area, to facilitate the transition. Those are members of staff who’d have to take courses in things like virtualization, cloud security, cloud storage mechanics and so on. Where vendor-specific solutions are to be used, the IT department members earmarked to see the transition are trained on those as well. That is where, for instance, an organization planning to use F5 solutions also has to send some staff members for F5 training courses – just to ensure that the transition to cloud computing on the F5 platform takes place smoothly.

2. By sponsoring the IT department members to attend seminars and other industry events. These are normally forums where techies exchange ideas. And although they normally cost a lot to attend, many organizations view that as a small price to pay if it can help them ensure smooth operations.

3. By subscribing to IT publications on behalf of their members. These help the IT department members to, at least, figure out what they need in terms of new skills. You see, the rate of technological development in the IT sector is so fast that one risks losing track of even the required skills! Thus, you may find an organization using a Cisco network, yet its members have no idea of what Cisco IronPort training courses are – yet those would be best described as essential courses for the IT department members in such an organization! Normally, it takes the reading of articles in industry publications to create awareness on such things.

4. By tapping into ‘fresh talent’ from time to time. This is where organizations opt to employ fresh graduates (whose training is likely to have introduced them to the latest technologies) thus, in a way of speaking, infusing fresh blood into the IT departments.

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